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Indiana’s NICE Law Firm

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What’s In A Name?

In our case, an attitude toward how we do business!

People often ask me if I’m really “nice?” And then, in the same breath, they ask the rhetorical question – often in a cynical tone but with a smile on their face – do I really want a “nice” attorney? I categorically assure them that they do want a “Nice” attorney – meaning any attorney from my law firm – because of the way we treat our clients.

We are focused on our clients, but we are civil to everyone – opposing counsel, judges, witnesses, even opposing parties! Courtesy never goes out of style. We do not need to scream and shout to get our way. The sound of our voice, the power of our pen, and the words that we choose – all supported by our knowledge of the law — are more than sufficient.

With convenient office locations in Indianapolis, Kokomo, Martinsville, Terre Haute, and Lebanon to better serve you.

Be sure to Meet The Team!

Robert Nice

Managing Partner

“I had a wonderful experience when I chose The Nice Law Firm to represent me. Their team was knowledgeable, responsive, kind, and effective in every step of the process needed to resolve my legal matter. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!” – Evangeline D.