HTV license suspension

It is Now Possible to Get Your Habitual Traffic Violator (HTV) License Suspension Rescinded in Indiana!

HTV license suspension

Having your driver’s license suspended for any reason or any length of time can greatly impact your life—and your livelihood because it drastically alters your ability to drive yourself to work. This is even more true if you ever get categorized by the Court as being a “Habitual Traffic Violator” (HTV), due to repeated moving violations that all occur within a set period of time. HTV status typically occurs after:

1 major and 9 minor convictions within a 5-year period; or

3 or more major convictions within a 10-year period

Repeated traffic tickets, moving violations, convictions for driving while intoxicated (DUI), and reckless driving convictions are some of the violations that get can an individual labeled with HTV status, if there are multiple infractions occur within a span of 5-10 years. Courts do not look kindly upon repeat offenses, as they view repeat violations to be more serious in nature than a one-time violation.

In the past, HTV license suspensions were for life, although an individual could apply for specialized driving privileges to drive to and from work. Due to changes in Indiana law, the court now has the authority to rescind a person’s HTV license suspension after ten years. You may be eligible to get your license back!

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