Jon Olinger

Jon J. Olinger


Jon is a lifelong resident of Fort Wayne where he has consistently been a servant to his community. Jon sat for 12 years on the Fort Wayne Community School Board, serving as its President for two years. Jon received his B.S. in Marketing from Indiana University’s Fort Wayne campus in 1988 and worked in the transportation, construction, and real estate industry.

In 2003 Jon received a dual Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneurial Studies and Human Resources. In 2013 Jon decided to combine his business and real estate valuation experience with a legal education and became a member of the Charter Class of Indiana Tech Law. In law school Jon was a member of the moot court team and editor in Chief of the Indiana Tech Law Review. Jon graduated Cum Lauda in 2016. Jon has practice Family, Criminal Law, and Estate Planning in Northern Indiana for over six years. He was the charter public defender tapped to help initiate Indiana’s very first CHINS based Domestic Violence Court. He has criminal and family trial experience and has focused on helping families through very tough times. Jon is married to Lisa and has two amazing daughters, four grandsons, and one great grandson. Jon works from our Fort Wayne, Indiana office.

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Practice Areas

  • Family Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Estate Planning
  • Real Estate Law

Bar Admissions

  • Indiana


  • Indiana University